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limoncello recipes


Our products can be mixed with other liqueurs or drinks to make creative cocktails, including:

Limoncello: Limoncello Sunrise, Frosty Martini Lemon and Paradiso.

Crema di Limoncello: Lemondrop, Limonquilla, Sunkiss, Valerina, and Pina Colada Limoncello.

Liquore Crema di Cacao: Chocolate Martini, Something Sassy and B-52.

Liquore Crema di Caffè: B-52, Mudslide, White Russian, Black Russian, Black Jack and Dizzi Dame.


Our liqueurs make a great addition to lots of yummy desserts and cakes:

Our Limoncello can be poured over the sponge cake to obtain an excellent "Babà al limoncello". It is also an important ingredient in the "Limoncello Tart", "Delizia al limone", and in so many other sweets and dessert.

With our Limoncello Cream you can enrich the recipes of sweets like: Tiramisu, Strawberries with cream, Millefoglie or Mille-Feuille in French, and Muffins with cream of lemon.

Our Liquore Crema di Cacao is a perfect drink if accompanied by delicious desserts like the "Praline al Cioccolato", or by other chocolate base speciality like "Chocolate Mousse", the delightful "Lady's Kisses ", and the "Plum cake with dark chocolate".

Some of the most famous desserts which use the Coffee Liqueur as an ingredient are: the "Brazilian Pudding", the "Frozen Mocha", the delightful "Amaretti al caffè", and the "Zabaglione Cake". Our Liquore Crema di Caffè can also be added to a hot cup of coffee, to a glass of milk or to an ice cream.