Suessola ยป Limoncello


limoncelloThe origins of limoncello are still uncertain. Several legends and myths have been passed through generations about the actual origins of this liqueur. Three different places in Campania, Sorrento, Amalfi and Capri, claim the ownership of the original limoncello recipe. The drink was widely consumed in that area since the beginning of 1900. Some say that the first to register the trademark of limoncello was a businessman called Massimo Canale. Others say that at the beginning of 1900, the oldest families in Sorrento always offered limoncello to the most notorious guests who were travelling to visit the Amalfi Coast.
According to other legends the Limoncello was used by fishermen and farmers to fight the cold since the time of the Saracen invasion. Others say that the original recipe was invented by monks inside a monastery who drunk limoncello to delight themselves between prayers.
Whatever the true origins of limoncello might be, we know that today this liqueur has become one of the most popular Italian drinks, consumed and exported worldwide.
It is consumed after meals as it is an excellent digestif. During the summer and hot days it is usually served chilled at a temperature of (- 1 degree) to keep its refreshing quality.
Limoncello is also used as an ingredient for desserts. Some restaurants will drizzle it on ice cream, or on a bowl of fresh fruit.
Our limoncello has an alcoholic content of 30% and we sell the bottles in different sizes as: the bottle of 50cl, 100cl and 200cl.