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  limoncello liqueur


Limoncello is a sweet liqueur made from peeled lemon zest, water, alcohol and sugar. Although, it is usually served after meals as a digestif, it can be a perfect drink for every occasion. It has a unique zesty, tangy and fresh taste obtained from a special quality of lemons which grows only in some areas of Campania.

  liqueur cream of limoncello

Crema di Limoncello

A delicious variant of the Limoncello is our Limoncello Cream, smooth liqueur obtained from the combination of lemons zest, a delicate cream of milk, sugar and natural aromas. The result is a liqueur with a delicate and unique taste that goes down your throat like liquid silk.

  liqueur chocolate cream

Liquore Crema di Cacao

Our Liquore Crema di Cacao is obtained from the maceration of chocolate seeds and from the subsequent infusion in alcohol with vanilla and syrup. The secrets of our handicraft recipes render our cream of chocolate a full-bodied and strong liqueur.

  coffee liqueur

Liquore Crema di Caffe

Liquore Crema di Caffè is a strong, invigorating, but sweet and creamy liqueur made with pure coffee. It has 24% of alcohol content, added sugar, and various natural aromas.