Suessola ยป Our story

Suessola Limoncello is a family run business located in the fertile Valley of Suessola, in the heart of the region of Campania, Italy. The company was born out of a father's project who, after his retirement decided to dedicate himself, together with his family to the production of one of the main eno-gastronomic products of our region: the limoncello.

Limoncello is a famous drink all over the world appreciated for its unique aroma obtained from a typical variety of lemons cultivated only in some areas of the Campania. To protect the uniqueness of this product, Suessola Limoncello utilizes in fact only the typical lemon of Sorrento, recognized by the European Union as being produced with Geographic Indication Protected (I.G.P.).

Besides the limoncello, our company also produces an excellent limoncello cream, a gentle coffee liqueur, and a delightful chocolate liqueur. All our products are made following thoroughly the traditional recipes that our ancestors handed down to us.

The high quality of our products is, in fact, guaranteed by the genuineness of the ancient traditions and by respecting all of the procedures typical of a handicraft making, starting from the infusion to the bottle capping, which preserves the aromas and the flavours of the ingredients.