Suessola ยป Valley of Suessola

Valley of Suessola

The Valley of Suessola is located in the heart of Campania, a region situated in the South of Italy. It was edified by the Ausoni Osci in an undetermined historical epoch dating back many centuries before Christ. The area was dominated by the Romans and became the theatre of the third battle against the Samnites in the 4th century before Christ.The Valley is well-known for its fertile soil and the richness of pure waters. It is also a land full of artistic and culinary traditions. It is precisely from these old farmers' traditions that our limoncello liqueur comes from. The genuineness of these ancient traditions guarantees the high quality of our products. We produce them following the recipes of our ancestors, ensuring that the final products are entirely homemade. The artisanal production of the limoncello is, in fact, our greatest asset and it is strictly followed from the early infusion to the final capping, in order to preserve the aroma and the taste of the natural products.